Child Abuse Recovery...
Healing Begins With Help!

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Beyond Prevention...
Healing Begins With Help!

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The Children’s Army Corporation supports and aids in the recovery of children who have been victimized by abuse. When the Children’s Army becomes aware of families and children dealing with this complex and terrible circumstance, we focus on determining what type of help they need. If it is emotional therapy that best serves the child’s needs, we would provide for and cover the expenses. Additionally, we would potentially pay for civil suits on behalf of the child so that their financial circumstances are improved. It is our goal to help children recover from abuse, so that they will not become part of the vicious cycle that often lead those who were abused to become abusers later in life. Abused children need support and the Children’s Army is that support.

Healing begins with help!

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Every Donation Helps.

Monies donated help us to provide services the children need for recovery.

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We need your help! Let's show our children there are people that love them and will help them through the tough times. The power of a hug, smile, and even a shoulder to cry on, are more powerful than you think.

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We're here for the children!

Lost? Scared? Confused? Alone? Don't know what to do? Contact us ASAP and we will get you the help you need, any day, any time!

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Join The Children's Army in the first ever "Fore Child Abuse Prevention" golf event! Come out and help raise funds, give your support, and help raise awareness for a great cause!
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Did You Know ...

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Did you know that most people attribute child abuse to physical abuse? Did you know that there are 4 major types of child abuse? According to, most states recognize child abuse as:

Our mission is to provide children of abuse with assistance for recovery and to help them through their struggles post prevention.
Abuse is long term, we are here beyond prevention!

According to the Administration for Children & Families, in 2020 Nevada had:

Child Maltreatment Victims
Cases of Neglect
Physical Abuse Cases
Victims under 10 year old

And these are just the cases that were reported! How many children are suffering in unreported cases?!

Our Founders

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Will Vanetes

Will VanettesPresident
Board President

Ryan Kelly

Ryan KellyVice President
Board Vice President

Kris Hernholm

Kris HernholmTreasurer
Board Treasurer

William Mark Kelly

William Mark KellySecretary
Board Secretary

Vinay Mahendra

Vinay MahendraWebmaster
Board Member

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Our sponsors are companies and individuals who have donated their time, resources, or services to support our cause and the children we strive to help. Become a sponsor today and have your logo featured below. Contact us today for more information.

  • Slot Hopper
  • Stacey's High Limit
  • Seizmic Inc
  • Chase's La Verne
  • Red Devil Pizza
  • Dynamic Talent Partners LLC
  • Americore Creations
  • Three Hawks Production
If you would like to volunteer and help our organization, please contact us today. Send your Details.

The Children's Army Corporation

Child Abuse Recovery. Beyond Prevention. Healing Begins with Help!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children of abuse with assistance for recovery and to help them through their struggles post prevention.
Abuse is long term, we are here beyond prevention!

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